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Making Skyrim merchants restocking time and fast traveling work to your advantage.

Here is how to combine fast traveling and merchant restock times to work to your advantage. Works great when you need to turn  a lot of loot into gold.

Two furthest cities in Skyrim are Markath and Riften. Fast traveling between these two cities takes just over a day, 25 and ½ hours to be exact. Practical example would be to start out by selling your loot in Riften until the merchants are out of money, then fast travel to Markath, sell more of your loot there, fast travel back to Riften, at this point 48 hours have passed since you been here last, so merchants are restocked.


  • While you can not fast travel when you are over encumbered, you can do it when you have a horse. Walking  around the cities over encumbered is going to be slow, but at least all you’ll need to do is get to the local stable, saddle up and off you go.
  • You can combine fast traveling with storing of your extra inventory  in a reanimated body. Think if it like traveling with suitcase. 
  • If you arrive during night-time, and shops are close, Fast Travel to Whiterun, hit up all the merchants there which is a half way point, and then resume the round tripping between Riften and Markath.
  • Merchants running out of money really stats being an issue after about level 20, because your opponents will start dropping some expensive gear. 
  • Here is a previous post on how to maximize selling to merchants in Whiterun. 

Good Luck turning all that loot into gold!

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