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Is Stealth Archer the Sniper of Skyrim?

Stealth Archer in Skyrim starts with good character build. Redguard or a Wood Elf (aka Bosmer) are popular choices for Archers while Kajiit is great for Sneak.

Bosmer (aka Wood Elf) is a no brainer. +10 in Archery and +5 in sneak and light armor make it a number 1 archer choice.

Redguards get +5 in Archery, but they are also a well balanced race and serve as a popular second choice for the Archer.

Once you start, focus on leveling up Stamina and Health and improving Sneak, Smithing, Enchanting, Alchemy and Conjuration skills.

The archer excels at fighting at a distance, but lot’s of enemies want to engage in melee combat, this is when conjuration spells are very effective. Summoning someone for bandits to fight with, gives you a chance to keep your distance. Once Conjuration is at 50, switch to the Bound Bow spell, this increases both Archery and Conjuration skills and with a soul stealer perk, Bound Bow will supply you endless stream of souls for recharging and enchanting. When you get Conjuration skill to 100, go for the Twin Souls perk which let’s you summon 2 Antronachs at a time. Those guys will keep a whole camp of enemies busy, while you play sniper with your bow.

Sneak everywhere, with sneak skill at 100, get the Shadow Warrior perk. This perk makes you hidden every time you crouch, and you will deal X3 damage with sneak attacks.

Elemental Fury shout, will double your attack speed, while Slow Time will improve your aim at fast moving targets.

Smithing will help you get the damage on bows up. I have seen bows with 3,000+ damage. Example here: This bow will likely take down a dragon in one shot!

To craft and enchant these insanely powerful weapons, you will need some potions, so alchemy is very important. Try the Enchanter’s Elixir, Elixir of True Shot and Prime Elixir of Escape. These potions will go well with your character and Archer’s gameplay.


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