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Who to marry in Skyrim?

According to, Skyrim has 28 women and 35 men available for marriage, so how do you decide who to marry?

First things that come to mind are: choosing someone with big house, lot’s of money, preferably a merchant with cool inventory, someone hot, etc. . well, hate to break it to you, but none of this really matter in the grand scheme of things. Here are 4 reasons why:

  • After reaching level 20, money is no longer a problem. You are looting some expensive stuff and selling it gives you so much gold that you can easily buy any house in any city you want.
  • Every Skyrim spouse will setup a shop, and give you 100 gold a day.
  • Just because your spouse has a big house, doesn’t mean it has anything of use in it, or that they own the house. They could just own a bed in the house, not the whole house, so chances are you are going to buy a house yourself and ask them to move in with you.
  • If your spouse is a merchant, they will continue to be a merchant for you and you get no special discounts or free stuff. If they are not a merchant see second bullet above.

So I’ll make a few assumptions here, and give you some tips on selecting the spouse. Assuming:

You want someone who can be a follower;

That narrows the list down to 11 Women and 17 Men.

They should also be a trainer;

Now you are down to 2 Nord women: Aela the Huntress and Njada Stonearm. Both of them are from the Companions in Whiterun. Aela the Huntress is a expert level Archery trainer and perpetual quest giver, so aside from daily gold you can get quests from her. She seems to be a popular bride in Skyrim. Njada is an Expert Block trainer. I suspect she’ll make a good wife just like Aela, but it seems she is a second choice for most.

The 3 men who fall in this category are: Athis the Dark Elf, Farkas and Vilkas are Nords, all 3 a part of the Companions in Whiterun. Athis is a Expert One-Handed trainer, Farkas is a Master level Heavy Armor trainer and Vilkas is a Master level Two-Handed weapons trainer.
Take your pick.


  • Here is a tip on How to marry in Skyrim?
  • All spouses will prepare one “Homecooked Meal” a day, it’s a food item that gives you 25% boost to health, stamina and magicka regeneration for 10 minutes. Nice little treat J
  • Sleeping with your spouse at night gives you the “Lover’s Comfort”, for 8 hours. It’s a bonus that let’s your skills improve by 15% faster, but it doesn’t stack with other stones, and doesn’t work if your spouse is a follower. 
PS. This post is getting mixed rating, If you can add something, comment below. If you picked someone else for your mate, tell us who and why.

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