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Advantages of being a Nord in Skyrim

Main advantage of being a Nord in Skyrim, boils down to 50% resistance to frost, comes in very handy when fighting mages and dragons who are casting Frost spells at you, however, in my non-scientific observation, it seems that there are many more Fire attacks I am having to fight then Frost attacks. So get some fire resistant potions, spells and armor to help balance out your Nord charachter.

In addition to the Frost resistance, your character starts out with:

  • +10 Two-Handed
  • +5 Smithing, Block, One-Handed, Light Armor and Speech

Nord’s Power is Battle Cry: Target flees for 30 seconds. (This power I didn’t find particularly useful, so if you figured out a good application for it drop a comment below)

As with all other races, Nords start out with these 2 spells:

  • Flames: A gout of fire that does 8 points per second. Targets on fire take extra damage. (This basically means you are shooting out continues stream of Fire until your magic runs out)
  • Healing: Heals the caster 10 points per second.

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2 thoughts on “Advantages of being a Nord in Skyrim

  1. Nord’s all the way! The battle cry is useful when fleeing from tough enemies but I agree it’s not the best. Have an amazing New Year and check my posts🙂

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